100% of the company’s shares are  in hand of two Hungarian private individuals, the ownership ratio is equal. One of the owners is managing director who is responsible for the market connections, production, R&D activity and permanent contact with the governmental and supervisory offices. Other owner maneges the financing and liquidity management, and quality assurance.

The small number but well trained and experianced staff have more decades skill in chemistry and chemical industry respectively.

Our strategy

The elements of Kemilab’s strategy are

  • to produce fine chemicals in top quality
  • quick response for customer’s enqueries/demands to new projects
  • to offer and provide excellent service for customers even for special customer’s needs as well.
  • to pursue lasting customer relationship based on reliability.


Due to the succesful application of our startegy elements our clintele has been increasing year over year. It is a special pleasure that the long-term personal relationships proved to be the best marketing for us for aquisition as well, as the owned references, recommendations and the network of our clientele ensures aquiring new customers as well.

Nowdays Kemilab sales a sortiment to most of EU countries and Switzerland, sometimes also into USA and India. All products are Hungarian origin e.g. they are manufactured in Kemilab’s own plant.

Environmental protection

Kemilab is located in an industrial estate where a middle size Chemical plant had operated with own chemical incinerator and biological waste water treatment plant.  Chemical plant is already closed but on the plant some smaller chemical plant has been established. Therefore the incinaretor and waste water treatment plant are operating to serve these new plants, like Kemilab as well. It is a good state that Kemilab’s plant is connected by a direct chanel to the waste water treatment plant.

Licencing – Kemilab is operating under IPPC licence granted by Environmental Protection Agency. Full review takes place every year.

Reaction types

  • Alkylation
  • Esterification
  • Sulphur chemistry including the work with Carbon disulfide to produce open chain compounds and heterocycles with Nitrogen and Sulphur in the ring as well.
  • Azide chemistry first of all to manufacture different tetrazol compounds with different substituents.
  • Acetylene chemistry first of all for production of different –yn-ol compounds.
  • Carbodiimide chemistry which means the manufacture of different type carbodiimides.
  • Diazotation and some of syntheses starting from diazonium salts.

Are you interested in our products?

Based on the experiancies obtained from above mentioned productions we welcome all new requests for any wanted chemicals/intermediates.
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Quality assurance

Due to the fact that our main products are carbodiimides (coupling agents) most of our customers are pharmaceutical companies or companies which are suppliers of pharmaceutical companies. Such a clientele requires extra high level of the quality assurance. Although we still does not possess the abilities to be the now required GMP conform but our staff is gradually working on approaching it.
More and more activities are operating by internal SOP both in production, quality assurance, procurement, sales.

Over it Kemilab is operating by ISO 9001:2008 and we are over the success audit to change to ISO 9001:2015.

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