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Isothiocyanate is the functional group −N=C=S, formed by substituting the oxygen in the isocyanate group with a sulfur.


Tetrazoles are a class of synthetic organic heterocyclic compound, consisting of a 5-member ring of four nitrogen atoms and one carbon atom.


A carbodiimide (methanediimine) is a functional group with the formula RN=C=NR. They are exclusively synthetic.


Miscellaneous chemical substances and compounds: a substance made up of two or more different chemical elements combined in a fixed ratio.

About us

Kemilab Organics Ltd. - founded in 1998 - is committed to manufacture and sell organic chemical pharmaceutical intermediers in the highest quality. Our main products are carbodiimides, isothiocyanats, tetrazoles and miscellaneous.

Nowdays Kemilab sales a product sortiment to most of EU countries and Switzerland and also into USA and India, mainly for pharmaceutical companies.

The production site is located in Balatonfüzfő, in a chemical industrial park in the middle of West Hungary. The plant has excellent transportation opportunities.